Yukisarashi is to spread out a woven cloth on the snowfield to expose it to the sun, and it is a crucial process for making Echigo Jyouhu. Yukisarashi is done around mid-February and late-March when sunny days are more abundant. Yukisarashi is often said to wash out a stain since it mainly removes color contamination and yellowing of the Kasuri by setting it out on the snowfield for a bleaching process. This occurs because ozone is produced when the snow melts, and this produced ozone bleaches the dietary fiber. It depends on the kind of goods and stain, but usually, a cloth is left outside for about a week,

Masayuki Suzuki states in his book “Hokuetsu Seppu” that Yukisarashi is surely an wisdom of living which is applied in the culture of Snow Country.
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