Snowfield Carnival Nakasato
2021/3/13  Tokamachi City

It has been decided to cancel the event on March 13, 2021. This is because the effects of the new coronavirus were considered. We are very sorry, but we look forward to your next visit.(2021.1.18)


Approximately 20,000 snow candles spread across the slope are beautiful "snowball carnival Nakasato".
Please feel a touching moment that puts lights together with thoughts with each visitor from the evening one by one.
It is also a must see also fireworks and torch torches that color the fantastic silver world.

Everyone can participate for free creation, installation and lighting of the snow candle. No reservation is required.
Would you like to create a fantastic venue together?

For more information "Okihara Carnival Nakagasa" official website or contact us.
Date 2021/3/13 
Telephone 025-763-2511 
URL h t t p : / / n a k a s a t o - k i y o t s u . g a l a x y . b i n d c l o u d . j p /
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