Koakasawa Bus Stop
Sakae Village
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Noyosano Sato
B&B Avg.Price 6,000-9,200
B&B Avg.Price 6,000-7,900
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Around Koakasawa Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Koakasawa Hot Spring
A naturally reddish-brown onsen where even the towels are dyed the same color.
Mt. Naeba ViewPoint
Yashiki Hot Spring
Valley overlooking Hidden hot spring loved by the Heike family.
A great place to take in the autumn colors.
Jabuchi Waterfall
Mysterious remains of the legendary waterfall
Amaike Pond
The autumn colors reflected on the surface of the lake are well worth a visit.
Koakazawa iriguchi (NA34) Bus Stop
'Tonenbo' Historical Residence
Ooakasawa Bus Stop
Yashiki (NA37) Bus Stop