Mt. Hakkaisan Trekking 'Byobudo Route'
Minami Uonuma City
A dedicated climbing course in the gorge and steep hills.
A dedicated course that has you climbing without stopping until the 9th station. Proceed to the gentle hill with a stream which goes through a Cryptomeria forest. Go to the third station of Ōiwa area which has 'Inari Daimyojin' and a small shrine and after you will see a small shrine as well as Kiyotaki Acala enshrined at the fourth station. The steep hill continues until the 7th station, where 'Nozokino Matsu' and 'Mariciten' are enshrined. Arrive at the hutte at the 9th station and then it'sanother 40 minutes to the summit.
time required 3hour50minute~6hour20minuteEnquiries Minami-Uonuma City Commerce, Industry and Tourism Office 025-773-6665
Closest Bus Stop
Nakatehara (MH21) Bus Stop