Komatsubara Marshland 'Ōba Route'
Tsunan Town
A marshy grassland as good as Oze National Park.
Used as a common route, Ōba route consists of a long distance of walking on a woodland path. However, you can advance without getting lost.
Walking time 6hour30minuteEnquiries Tsunan Town Tourist Association Office 025-765-5585
Address Nakafukami, Tsunan, Niigata prefecture
Calming views as you stand and contemplate the Marshlands throughout the seasons.
Address Tashiro-Komatsubara state forest, Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture
How go get to
"30 minutes from JR Echigo-Tazawa to the gate for Oba-state forest by taxi、About 120 minutes walk to the start point of Marshland. 90 minutes from there to a shelter. "
Closest Bus Stop
Gennaiyama (TT85) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo60 minutes from Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC on R353
From Niigata70 minutes from Echigo-Kawaguchi IC on R117