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A hidden power spot that is effective for the eyes
Tendaishu Buddhist temple built by Sezaimon Miyamoto, vassal of famous Tairano-Kiyomori. People come from far and wide to worship here for its reputation for curing eye disease. If wet tissues thrown at the body of the 'Nioh' image stick in the appropriate place, your illness will be cured.
pictogram Historical monument
Address 9761 Akinari, Tsunan, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-765-3886 Midamafudouson Temple
Business Term All year
Price Free of charge
URL h t t p s : / / w w w . t o u r i s m t s u n a n . c o m / s p o t / m i d a m a f u d o u s o n /
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Around Midamafudouson Temple
How go get to Midamafudouson Temple
Get off at JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station, get off the 'Tsunan public office(YS28)' in 44 minutes by bus from 'Yuzawa Station(YS02)'. In the transfer, get off the 'Midama(NA09)' 23 minutes from 'Tsunan public office(NA09)'. A 1 minute walk from there.
Closest Bus Stop 100m from Midama Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo 60 minutes from Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC on R353, R117 & R405
From Niigata 80 minutes from Echigo Kawaguchi IC on R117 & R405
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