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Kitano Tenmangu Hot Spring
Sakae Village
The photo of Kitano Tenmangu Hot Spring
Home territory of 'Kitano Tenmangu' - God of learning
Hot springs in the immediate vicinity of Kitano-tenmangu Shrine. Dogtooth violets grow thickly nearby. You can stay here.
The suggested season is summer and autumn .
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Address 14655 Sakae, Sakae village, Shimominochi district, Nagano prefecture
Telephone 0269-87-2892
Business Time 11:00 - 20:00 winter season 11:00 - 19:00"
Business Term Every second and fourth Wednesday
Price "Over 12 years old 500JPY Under 12 years old 300JPY Up to 6years old Free"
Suggest route containing Kitano Tenmangu Hot Spring
Spring comes a little later in Snow Country, but it is a time to enjoy beautiful greenery returni...
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Etigotanakaonsen Sinanosou
B&B Avg.Price 6,000 - 10,000
B&B Avg.Price 9,000 - 16,000
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Around Kitano Tenmangu Hot Spring
How go get to Kitano Tenmangu Hot Spring
70 minutes by bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station(YS02), and get off at Morimiyanohara Station(YS41). about 20 minutes by taxi from Morimiyanohara Station.
Car Access
From Tokyo Take route 353 → 117 after exiting the Shiozawa/Ishiuhci IC and it takes 70 minutes.
From Niigata Take route 117 after exiting Echigo-Kawaguchi IC and it takes 85 minutes.
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