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Mt. Daigenta
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The photo of Mt. Daigenta
Known as the Asian Matterhorn
Named from the dialect word for square pieces of lumber, "Genta", the angular shape of this mountain has earned it the title "The Matterhorn of the East." A perfect course for honing your mountain climbing skills, it is recommended for intermediate skilled climbers who are already accustomed to mountain climbing.
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Mt. Daigenta Mt. Daigenta
The mountain it is called the "Oriental Matternhorn". An optimum mountain for improving climbing ...
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Takanoya Hote
B&B Avg.Price 7,780 - 9,720
B&B Avg.Price 17,280 - 41,040
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Around Mt. Daigenta
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Shimizutouge Pass
Hiking route overviewing the Mt. Tanigawa range
Gold Echigoyuzawa Country Club
Golf course surrounded by Japanese cedars
Stand Up Paddling
Stand Up Paddling
Daigenta Canyon Camping
Mecca for the Nature Walking in Yuzawa
Lake Daigenta
Superb view of the lake with the reflection of the surrounding forest.
Mt. Makihata Piedmont Camping
Campground is surrounded by rich nature, located at the foot of the mountain