Kiriake Hot Spring
Sakae Village
Akiyamago village's most healing onsen.
The springs with the strongest curative effects in Akiyamago village. These hot springs have been gushing consistently since the Edo period and you can dig your own open-air bath.
The suggested season is summer and autumn.
Address Sakae, Sakae village, Shimominochi district, Nagano prefecture17878-3
Telephone 025-767-2252
Business Time 10:00 - 16:00 Final reception time:15:30
Price "Over 12 years old 500JPY Under 12 years old 300JPY Up to 6years old Free"
URL h t t p : / / y u s e n k a k u . y a d o r o k u . j p /
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Around Kiriake Hot Spring
How go get to Kiriake Hot Spring
44 minutes by bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station(YS02), and get off at Tsunan Town Hall(YS28). About 70 minutes by taxi from Tsunan Town Hall.
Car Access
From TokyoTake route 353 → 117→ 405 after exiting the Shiozawa/Ishiuhci IC and it takes 110 minutes.
From NiigataTake route 117→ 405 after exiting Echigo-Kawaguchi IC and it takes 125 minutes.
These facilities are close by
From Zako River to Nakatsu River (for Early spring and Autumn Colors Area)
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Uenohara Hot Spring
Open-air bath with a superb view of Mt. Torikabuto.
Amaike Pond
The autumn colors reflected on the surface of the lake are well worth a visit.
Mt. Torikabuto
Majestic and beautiful mountain views.
Yashiki Hot Spring
Valley overlooking Hidden hot spring loved by the Heike family.
A great place to take in the autumn colors.
Wayama Hot Spring (NA40) Bus Stop
Wayama hot spring iriguchi (NA39) Bus Stop
Uenohara iriguchi (NA38) Bus Stop
Yashiki (NA37) Bus Stop