Mt. Hiragatake
Uonuma City
One of Japan's 100 most famous moutains
At the 2,140m summit is a broad, flat meadow. It is dotted with marshes and you can see many unusually-shaped rocks. During the brief summer, the gorgeous flowers of the alpine plants come into bloom.
The suggested season is summer.
Telephone 025-792-9754
Business Term There are periods in winter when it is not open for mountain climing
Price Free of charge
Mail i n f o - k a n k o @ p u b . c i t y . u o n u m a . n i i g a t a . j p
URL h t t p : / / w w w . c i t y . u o n u m a . n i i g a t a . j p / k a n k o u /
Other Closing period varies each year
Suggest trekking route containing 平ヶ岳
Mt. Hiragatake Mt. Hiragatake
The peak is flat-grassland and located at 2,140m. Ponds dot the area as well as strangely shaped ...
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Around Mt. Hiragatake
How go get to Mt. Hiragatake
Take Joetsu Line from Echigoyuzawa Station, and get off at Urasa Station. Get on the Bus to Okutadami.
Closest Bus Stop
200m from Hiragatake iriguchi (Aizu bus) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo2 hours from Koide IC on R352 and Okutadami Silver Line
From Niigata2 hours from Koide IC on R352 and Okutadami Silver Line
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