Mt. Mikuniyama
Yuzawa Town Minakami Town
Easy hike to the summit for beginners
From spring to summer the mountain trail between Mikoku Gonken and the peak of Mount Mikoku is colored with a variety of flowers such as the urajiro-yoraku and iwahaze. The highlight is summer where nikkoukisuge blossom all about the alpine fields. The green fields with yellow flowers scattered all about offer a relaxing view to all who take a walk through the mountain.
Telephone 0278-62-0401
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Hoshi Onsen Chojukan
B&B Avg.Price 15,000-30,000
B&B Avg.Price 3,500
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Around Mt. Mikuniyama
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Houshi Hot Spring
The name comes as a reult of Koubou Daishi discovering this hot spring when he was wandering
Mikunitouge Hot Spring ' Touge no Yu'
Hot spring gushing from the mountain around Mikuni Pass
Hot Spring ' Yukisasa no Yu'
Foot bath that pets can use also
Bothy (Mikunitoge)
Mt. Mikuniyama trailhead parking
Seibu crystal mae (YN29) Bus Stop
Houshi Hot Spring (JH13) Bus Stop
Asagai kami (YN28) Bus Stop
Assegai (YN27) Bus Stop
Akasawa Ski Resort iriguchi (JH12) Bus Stop