Toyota Rental Car Jomokogen Station
Minakami Town
Address 1766 Tsukiyono, Minakami-machi, Tone district, Gunma prefecture
Telephone 0278-62-0100
URL h t t p : / / r e n t . t o y o t a . c o . j p / r e n t a l / 1 - 4 - 1 - 2 . a s p ? r C o d e = 6 3 3 0 1 & e C o d e = 0 4 2 & u d F l g = 2 & s F l g = 3
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B&B Avg.Price 13,000-20,000
Bettei Senjuan
B&B Avg.Price 39,894-59,334
B&B Avg.Price 3,500
Ryokan Tanigawa
B&B Avg.Price 16,500-30,000
B&B Avg.Price 17,280-41,040
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Around Toyota Rental Car Jomokogen Station
These facilities are close by
Nashinokidaira-shikiishi Archaeological site
Prefectural Historic Dwelling from the mid Jomon Period
Tsukiyono History Museum
Museum to exhibit artifacts mainly of Yaze Ruins and Nashinoki Ruins
Rest Stop 'Yaze shinsui Park'
A firefly festival is held here early summer every year
Jomokogen Polic Box
Tone-Numata Area Information Center
Minakami - machi tourist association
Jomokogen Station (JT01, JS34) Bus Stop
JR-Rental Car Jomokogen Staton
JR Jomokogen Station
Tsukiyono Harvest(Farmers mart)