Ikazawashogakko mae (MD18) Bus Stop
Minami Uonuma City
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Hotel Sakadojo
B&B Avg.Price 12,960-18,360
B&B Avg.Price 22,000-45,000
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Around Ikazawashogakko mae (MD18) Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Azechi Hot Spring
Lie back and enjoy the scenery in the natural hot springs on the banks of the Saguri River
Ikazawa Hot Spring
Accidentally discovered when drilling wells for snow melting
Ikazawa Camping
Campground is surrounded by mountain streams and a mountain vista
Forest Park Tenjiku no sato
From olden times the legend says it is as wonderful as heaven
JA-Minam‐Uonumai Ikasawa Branch
Ikazawa Post Office
Azechi (MD20) Bus Stop
Minami-Uonuma Police Station, Miya Police Box
Iksawa chugakkou mae (MD16) Bus Stop
Nonaka (MD24) Bus Stop