Mt.Mitsumine trailhead (B)
Minakami Town
Suggest trekking route containing 三峰山登山口(B)
Mt.Mitsumine trailhead (B) Mt.Mitsumine
One way 1 hour Akagi in 40 minutes of hiking, Hotakayama, Tanigawa, the views also Mount Fuji on ...
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B&B Avg.Price 13,000-20,000
Bettei Senjuan
B&B Avg.Price 39,894-59,334
Ryokan Tanigawa
B&B Avg.Price 16,500-30,000
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Around Mt.Mitsumine trailhead (B)
How go get to Mt.Mitsumine trailhead (B)
Closest Bus Stop
5.4km from JR Gokan Station Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Mt. Mitsumine
Tsukiyono Hot Spring
Quiet Onsen located at the foot of Mt. Mitsumine
Mt. Mitsumine trailhead (C)
Mt. Mitsumine trailhead (E)
Maniwa Post Office
Maniwakyoku mae (JS45) Bus Stop
Tsukiyono Medical Center
Goan Station (JS43) Bus Stop
Gokan-Ekimae Post Office (facile)
Town Bus (Hoshi-Onsen Line) Bus Stop