Minami Uonuma City
Suggest trekking route containing 十字峡
Jujikyo Mt. Tangosan
The only climbing course is the Jujikyō course. Comparatively short distance but it is a continuo...
Jujikyo Mt. Nakanodake
Used as a traversing road from ancient times through Mt. Hakkaisan, Mt. Komagadake, and Mt. Usag...
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Around Jujikyo
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Ikazawa Gorge
Beautiful valley leading to the upstream Saguri river
Lake Shakunage Warabino Camping
Camping ground in the lake
Sagurigawa Dam
Multipurpose dam built in the tributary of Shinanogawa river
Mt .Hakkai
One of the three famous peaks in the Echigo region
Mt .Nakanotake
The central peak of the 3 Mountains of Echigo
Mt. Tango
Minamiuonuma Agricultual Experience college
Enjoyable experience utilizing the natural resources
Shakunage kankou center mae Bus Stop
Nonaka (MD24) Bus Stop
Nigoume trailhead