SPA GALA hot spring
Yuzawa Town
There are hot spring as well as fitness pool, outdoor jacuzee and pool for children. You can relax in a free resting area called 'IRORI lounge.'
The suggested season is winter.
Telephone 025-785-6543
URL h t t p s : / / g a l a . c o . j p / w i n t e r /
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B&B Avg.Price 13,500-31,320
Yumototyouboukaku Yuimakura
B&B Avg.Price 20,500-35,500
Lodge Masaemon
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Yuzawa Ski House
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Around SPA GALA hot spring
These facilities are close by
‘Kasumi Room’ literature reference room
Get a feel for prize winning writer Yasunari Kawabata
Yumoto Yakushi-Do
Suwa Shrine Osugi (Old Japanese Cedar)
The large Japanese cedar where Komako sat to cool off
Hot Spring ' Yama No Yu'
This onsen, using natural spring water was where Yasunari Kawabata bathed
Hot Spring ' Komako No Yu'
A public bath named after Komako from the novel
JR Gala Yuzawa Station
(Only winter) Gala Yukawa Ski Resort Bus Stop
Yunosawa iriguchi (MY07) Bus Stop
Shimonaka iriguchi (MY06) Bus Stop