Minami Uonuma City
Suggest trekking route containing ヌクビ沢出合
Once you see the signpost for the 'Sawa' route head left and when you arrive at 'Makido divergenc...
These hotels are close by
B&B Avg.Price 22,000-45,000
Hotel Sakadojo
B&B Avg.Price 12,960-18,360
Takanoya Hote
B&B Avg.Price 7,780-9,720
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Around Nukubisawa-deai
These facilities are close by
Mt. Makihata
Hiking route overviewing the Mt. Tanigawa range
Mt. Makihata Piedmont Camping
Campground is surrounded by rich nature, located at the foot of the mountain
Forest Park Tenjiku no sato
From olden times the legend says it is as wonderful as heaven
Ueda no sato(work shop)
A year round countryside experience
Ikazawa Camping
Campground is surrounded by mountain streams and a mountain vista
Mt. Daigenta
Known as the Asian Matterhorn
Gold Echigoyuzawa Country Club
Golf course surrounded by Japanese cedars
Sakurazaka parking
Shimizu (MS40) Bus Stop
Kaminagasaki Bus Stop