Cultural workshop
Workshops dotted around a peaceful village
Takumi no sato' Cultural Workshop Hamlet
Takumi no sato' Cultural Workshop Hamlet's visitor center
Rest stop 'Hourakukan'
Scenic waterfront and beautiful seasonal flowers with rich colors cover these highlands.
Atema Highland Resort BELNATIO
Feel the culture of YUKIGUNI
Workshop in the flower fields with Mt. Daigenta as a backdrop
Workshop Daigenta
Tsukiyono Bidoro Park(Glass Museum&Workshop)
Workshops dotted around a peaceful village
Jomon Period and Agriculture practical experience Museum
Wealth of different experiences that both children and adults can enjoy
Tokamachi Public Library Multimedia Center
Spacious, comfortable library with a large collection of books.
Matudai Natural Workshop
Experiences local manufacturing and food from the Matsudai region.
Isawa Japanese Paper Workshop 'Keyaki'
Traditional paper-making workshop.
Echigo Yukikura Museum
Storage in an Echigo snow store.
Megurotei (Cultual Heritage Residence)
House of a wealthy farmer was built in 1797. An important national cultural property
Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum
Exhibition to bring together the world of Hokuetsu Snow Tales
Shiozawa Pongee Memorial Hall (textile work shop)
Discover the charming tradition and culture of textile technology in Shiozawa
Ueda no sato(work shop)
A year round countryside experience
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Cultural workshop
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