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Minami Uonuma City Tourist Spot・Facilities
Hiking route overviewing the Mt. Tanigawa range
Mt. Makihata
Hiking Route Pictogram
One of the three famous peaks in the Echigo region and also known for its masculine shape.
Mt. Hakkaisan Trekking 'Ropeway Route'
Time Required
2hour55minute ~ 4hour5minute
Hiking Route Pictogram
Dotted alpine plants in the meadow on a summit area, with flowers blooming in profusion.
Mt. Makihata 'Idoone Route'
Time Required
3hour15minute ~ 5hour10minute
Hiking Route Pictogram
The ruins of a large-scale mountain castle designated as a national heritage site.
Mt. Sakado 'Yakushi Ridge Route'
Time Required
40minute ~ 1hour
A place to pray for the peace and security of a nation, founded Sakanoue no Tamuramaro 
Fukoji Temple , Urasa Bishamondo
Top class Ski Resort that can be fully enjoyed by kids and adults alike
Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort
Good access! Only one minute from Shiozawa Ishiuchi interchange
Maiko Snow Resort
One of the biggest Ski Resorts in the area
Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort
National historic sites designated by Japan
Mt. Sakado
One of the three famous peaks in the Echigo region
Mt .Hakkai
Zen temple at the foot of Mt. Kinjo
Untoan Temple
Mikuni Old trade road Shiozawa Bokushi Street
Rest stop 'Minamiuonuma Yukiakari'
Joetsu Kokusai Play Land
One of the top class water adventure parks
Alternative Image
Mt. Hakkaisan Trekking 'Byobudo Route'
A dedicated climbing course in the gorge and steep hills.
Time Required 3hour50minute ~ 6hour20minute
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