Tsunan Town Tourist Spot・Facilities
Wooden suspension bridge that was the setting of the film 'Yureru'
Mikura Bridge
Mystical pond with dragon legend
Ryuugakubo of Springwater
A hidden power spot that is effective for the eyes
Midamafudouson Temple
Forest Therapy 'Taruda no Mori'
Welcome to the healing beech forest
Colonies of fawn lilies in Mikura
Dogtooth violets grow in colonies when spring comes to Akiyamago village
Maekura Bridge
A red arch bridge over the canyon in Akiyamago village
Sarutobi Bridge
A bridge over the narrowest point of the Nakatsu river valley
Jabuchi Waterfall
Mysterious remains of the legendary waterfall
Vent of Cool Wind in Mt.Yamabushiyama
The rock face is composed of natural colors
Ehigo Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre
Exchange between city and the region : Residence for parforming arts
Midama Park
A vast columnar joint spreads in front of you.
River Terrace Observatory
The best river terraces in Japan on the banks of the Shinano
Stonewalled Rice Field in Ketto
Stonewall Rice Terraces that were chosen as one of the top one hundred agricutural landscape in Japan
Komatsubara Marshland
Calming views as you stand and contemplate the Marshlands throughout the seasons.
Ryugakubo Hot Spring “Ryujin no Yakata”
Boasts a spacious open-air bath
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