Snow Shoes
Snow shoe is a fun hiking leisure where participants can walk on the snow field with “western version of Kanjiki”, a snow walking tool. It is a popular winter activity in Canada and Europe. Snow shoe is designed to walk on snow, so people of all ages can enjoy hiking in the snow forest or highland. It is a nice and relaxing trekking with the soft snow and snow landscape. Follow the footprints of rabbit, fox, and antelope, or look for a squirrel’s nest and remains of ten’s food. If you are lucky, you might run into some wild animals. When you become tired a little, please feel free to have a tea break on the snow! This is not a hard activity like mountain climbing, so people of all ages should be fine. When going downhill, you can slide down with a sled or on your buttocks, or you can run down the hill instead of just walking!

*There are numerous snowshoe guides in Minakami town. For contact information, please visit the website below.
*Snowshoe program is also available at the Hotel New Green Pier in Tsunan town, Niigata.
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