Tone River Rafting
Rafting is an outdoor sport that you get on a big rubber boat with a guide and shoot a river. The boat itself is extremely safe and rarely tips over. There is no need to worry about being disrupted when the boat hits the rocks. However, the operation requires teamwork, which creates a sense of unity and cooperativeness with your team members. The feeling of exhilaration and achievement is amazing when you successfully shoot the torrent together. Anyone can participate even if they are beginners, just as long as they are healthy.

Tone River runs in Minakami, one of the most famous repositories of nature in Japan. The river is surrounded by rich nature, and its’ water in upstream site is extremely fresh. Various changes can be observed in each season. It is a luxury to row down the river while you admire the Suwa Gorge, which is famous for beautiful valley. Please experience the beauty of fresh green and a thrill of the torrent to the full extent. In Spring, from April to June, the melted snow from peaks of Tanigawa increases the water in Tone River, Japan’s leading rapids (Grade 4), making it more exciting and fun for rafting. Another feature of Tone River Rafting is its’ long rafting course (more than 50km) and various courses that can be adapted to your level. 

*There are numerous rafting guides in Minakami town. For contact information, please visit the website below.
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