Air Board
Air board is a new style of snow sport. It is a completely new type of activity that you lie on the air-inflated rubber board on your stomach and slide down the ski trail freely. Originated in Switzerland, air board is a hot snow activity that is already very popular in Europe. It is said to have taken almost 10 years from framework by Joe Steiner, the developer of air board, to the launch of production. Not only the safety and operability, but also the convenience of take-it-with-you was taken into account in developing the high quality product. There is an edge at the backside, therefore you can learn how to turn and stop during the short training session. The fact that you can enjoy it so easily is one of the attractions of air board! Keep your eye line just above the snow surface. You will be able to turn and stop after the short training session even if you are beginner, and you can easily and fully experience the enjoyment of snow. After considering the weather and accumulated snow condition, as well as your condition, experience, and preference, the guide will introduce you to the optimum course based on these attributes
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