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Quay of columnar joints and torrent of Kiyotsu river.
Kiyotsukyou Gorge
Treasure house of alpine plants in Summer, You can enjoy the finest powder snow in wnter
Mt. Tanigawadake Tenjindaira
Spectacular 360-degree panorama
Mt Naeba Summit
Akiyamago village's most healing onsen.
Kiriake Hot Spring
The only route to go Oze national park by steamboat from Niigata
Oze National Park
Hiking route overviewing the Mt. Tanigawa range
Mt. Makihata
The atmosphere in the beech forest invigorates the body and spirits and impresses with its beauty.
Bijinn bayashi Forest
One of the most famous of the 100 mountains in Japan with the outstanding nature
Mt. Tanigawadake
Takumi no sato' Cultural Workshop Hamlet's visitor center
Rest stop 'Hourakukan'
Workshops dotted around a peaceful village
Takumi no sato' Cultural Workshop Hamlet
Hot springs by the headwaters of Tone River have 400 years of history
Minakami Hot Spring
Large open-air bath along the river side with rich amout of hot spring water
Takaragawa Hot Spring
This historic spa was named by Uesugi Kenshin
Sarugakyo Hot Spring
The name comes as a reult of Koubou Daishi discovering this hot spring when he was wandering
Houshi Hot Spring
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