Example route
"The train came out of the long tunnel into the snow country. The land lay white under the night ...
time required by walking 3hour
Spring comes a little later in Snow Country, but it is a time to enjoy beautiful greenery returni...
time required by driving 50minute~1hour10minute
About 5 minutes walk to the starting point for the trek from Matudai Station. There is an ancient...
time required by walking 3hour5minute
Tokamachi City
time required by walking 3hour50minute~5hour
Tokamachi City
time required by driving 2hour~4hour
"Jump on the local bus at Yuzawa Station to Daigenta.
Get off at Daigenta Taiken Koubou and try...
time required by driving 3hour~5hour
On the old Mikuni Highway, around Sugawa Inn, lots of craftsmen have set up their workshops. At t...
time required by driving 1hour20minute~2hour30minute
The Tone River has the largest basin by area in Japan, and Minakami at the head of this river is ...
time required by driving 2hour~3hour
The literary greats Akiko Yosano, Bokusui Wakayama, and Osamu Daizai all loved the hot springs of...
time required by driving 3hour~3hour
Between Mount Naeba and Mount Torikabuto in the Nakatsu River valley is Akiyamago, which was chos...
time required by driving 3hour~5hour
At the remains of the mountain castle of Masayuki Sanada listen to the stories of the resident hi...
time required by driving 3hour~5hour
"Tsunan's Sunflower Field" is a phrase evocative of summer and sees about 500,000 sunflowers bloo...
time required by driving 2hour
In the morning try your hand at making soba from home-grown buckwheat, and then eat it alongside ...
time required by driving 5hour
Spring comes late in Snow Country, with new greenery and flowers blooming on mountains still capp...
time required by driving 2hour
"A walking tour around the Onsen Street on the West Exit of Echigo-Yuzawa Station.
Leave the sta...
time required by walking 1hour30minute~3hour
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