Snow Country Tourist Area Quality Control.

Hotels are central to a trip, it’s an important consideration. Snow Country Tourist Area Association quality controls hotels so that customers can be assured of a good trip. The quality of service in hotels, ryokans (Japanese style hotels) and vacation rentals is certified by the SAKURA QUALITY system. The certification is performed be a third party and objectively investigated.

The SAKURA QUALITY certification system

The SAKURA QUALITY system provides information in regard to the level of service so that foreign visitors can have an enjoyable and pleasant trip. The level of quality for hotel establishments is evaluated and certified.
Open to the public and in regard to hotel establishments, equipment, quality, safety, foreign visitor support etc is investigated. Over 300 different criterion are considered and 3-Sakura or over establishments can request a Phase 2 mystery investigation which considers over 2100 criterion. An unbiased independent investigator will visit the establishment and objectively certify it on a 1-5 system.
The investigators investigation is based on a consumer based undisclosed set of criterion, it’s not based on word of mouth. SAKURA QUALITY started in Snow Country and has now gone national, including 13 tourist hot spots.

SAKURA QUALITY certified establishments webpage
Sakura Quarity - Undiscovered Japan

How to make the most of your time in Snow Country.

Depending on your wishes, from hotel to what experiences you would like, we can make arrangements for your stay.

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