2020/7/23~8/16  Yuzawa Town
Date 2020/7/23~8/16 
Telephone 025-780-6888 
URL h t t p s : / / w w w . n a s p a . c o . j p /
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Date 2020/9/26 
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NASPA Ski Garden
Enjoy a winter theme park - satisfaction guaranteed.
Kirigami Picture Museum of Koh Sekiguchi
Museum of Traditional Kirigami Picture
Mt. Akibasan
Overview of the landscape of Yuzawa Town
Hot Spring ' Shinsen no Yu'
Hot spring with clear air and effect of phytoncide
(Only winter) NASPA Ski Garden Bus Stop
JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station
JR East Rental Car Echigo-Yuzawa Sta. Branch
CoCoLo Yuzawa Car Park
Snow Country Tourism Zone Information Center
Nanatagiri shimo (YN10) Bus Stop