Urasa Bishamondou Naked-Man Festival
2021/3/6  Minami Uonuma City
Urasa Bishamondou Naked-Man Festival is one of the three odd festivals in Japan. It is believed that this festival started when numerous people began to gather and scramble in order to pray to Bishamonten, approximately 1200 years ago.Today, the atmosphere, in which the crowds of shirtless men shove each other to approach the Bishamonten faster than anyone with the slogan of “Sanyo, Sanyo”, is overwhelming. In addition, since they use huge candles that weigh about 30kg for security, it is also called “A Big Candle Festival”.

*Urasa Bishamondou Naked-Man Festival is mentioned in the book “Hokuetsu Seppu”.
Date 2021/3/6 
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