Echigo Matsudai Huyu no Jin (Echigo Matsudai Winter Team)
2021/3/13~3/1  Tokamachi City
“Echigo Matsudai Huyu no Gun” is a winter event of Matsudai area. The highlight of this event is the snow iron man race, “Sack Matsudai Castle”! The first one to get to Matsudai Castle through difficult obstacles such as a snowfield of 200m high and 3km long from Jyoukamachi to the peak of Matsudai Castle wins the race. The winner gets to be appointed as a master of Matsudai Castle for 1 year, and Uonuma Koshihikari of Matsudai is provided as well. For those who finished with high-ranking, fancy prizes are rewarded. Furthermore, out of all race finishers, one gets chosen by lottery to be sent to the distant island of Hawaii as a punishment (actually, a reward!). A popular event of Matsudai area, Echigo Matsudai Huyu no Gun provides many other events and shops.
Date 2021/3/13~3/1 
Location Matsudai Nohbutai
Telephone 025-597-2220 
Mail m s - c h i i k i @ c i t y . t o k a m a c h i . l g . j p
URL h t t p s : / / w w w . t o k a m a c h i s h i k a n k o u . j p / m a t u d a i / e v e n t / f u y u / i n d e x . h t m l
Other Events
Tsunan Snow Festival
Date 2021/3/13 
Location 12300,Akinari,Tsunan-machi,Nakauonuma-gun,Niigata-ken,Japan
URL h t t p : / / w w w . t s u n a n . i n f o
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NOHBUTAI Snow-Land Agrarian Culture Center, Matsudai
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