Naeba Winter Fireworks
2019/12/21~3/28  Yuzawa Town
Naeba Winter Fireworks
Watch the fireworks painted night sky at the Naeba's winter wonderland!

Dec 21,28,31
Jan 1~4,11,12,18,25
Feb 1,8,10,15,21,22,27,29
Mar 7,14,20,21,28
Naeba Ski Resoret 4th slope
Date 2019/12/21~3/28 
Telephone 025-789-4117 Naeba Ski Resort
URL h t t p s : / / w w w . p r i n c e h o t e l s . c o . j p / s k i / n a e b a / i n f o r m a t i o n s / f i r e w o r k s /
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Naeba Ski Resort
A fantastic run 4 kms in length
Naeba Independence Board Walk
The longest boardwalk in Japan named 'Independence Boardwalk'
Hot Spring ' Yukisasa no Yu'
Foot bath that pets can use also
Mikunitouge Hot Spring ' Touge no Yu'
Hot spring gushing from the mountain around Mikuni Pass
Naeba Ski Resort (YN24) Bus Stop
Naeba Prince Hotel (YN30) Bus Stop
Dragondola & Tashiro Ropeway
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