Head to the mountains with an expert guide to gather mountain vegetables includes lunch of mountain vegetable tempura
2020/4/18~6/30 Saturday 18th April - Tuesday 30th June 2018 Yuzawa Town
Depending on the exact timing of your visit there are many different foods that you can gather from the mountains, including the new shoots of the butterbur, fern, udo, osmund, and bracken. Lunch is tempura made with the vegetables you managed to collect. Pay attention as you will also learn the finer points of making it!

【Please Note】
・Please wear hoes suitable for walking. Foraging takes place on slopes so is not suitable for those that have problems walking.

・Please dress in suitable clothing, long sleeves, hat, boots, and gloves. please bring bag, bear bell, rain wear, and a drink.

・The tour will go ahead even in the event of light rain.

・After lunch everyone is free to disband.

・Number of Participants... Maximum of 20. Minimum of 2.

・Application Deadline... Booking are possible the day before, but there are times when the guide may not be available.

・Tour Fee... 3,800 yen per person.

・Tour Fee includes... Lunch, Mountain entrance fee and Guide.
Date 2020/4/18~6/30 Saturday 18th April - Tuesday 30th June 2018
Telephone 025-785-5353 Snow Country Tourism, Echigo Yuzawa Onsen
Mail y o y a k u @ y u z a w a o n s e n . g r . j p
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