Yumeho of Akiyamago(Candle night)
2019/9/28  Sakae Village
Open 17:00
It is an event where about 2000 candles are floated around Amaike(pond) and on the surface of the water and enjoy a fantastic light.
Why do not you ignite it together?
It is the best location for taking pictures from the bright sunset.

※ If you are visiting by car please use the parking lot (free) of Noyosa no sato.
Parking lot - The venue will be a walking distance (about 7 minutes on foot).
Date 2019/9/28 
Telephone 0269-87-3333  
Mail i n f o @ s a k a e - a k i y a m a g o . c o m
URL h t t p : / / s a k a e - a k i y a m a g o . c o m / e v e n t / 4 0 4 8 /
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