Yuzawa Hot Spring Summer Festival
2019/8/15  Yuzawa Town
This is a traditional Japanese event."mikoshi" (portable shrines) are carried around the town by teams of local townsfolk.
Date 2019/8/15 
Telephone 025-785-5353 
URL h t t p : / / y u z a w a o n s e n . j p /
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Sake Museum
Foot Bath
Foot Bath, the nearest one from the station
Sakeburo Yunosawa
A hot spring located inside Echigo-Yuzawa station.
Snow Country Tourism Zone Information Center
7-Eleven Echigo-Yuzawa Sta. West Exit
Toyota Rental Car Echigo-Yuzawa Sta. Branch (East Exit)
JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station
JR East Rental Car Echigo-Yuzawa Sta. Branch
CoCoLo Yuzawa Car Park