Yuzawa fireworks in winter
2019/12/31~3/21  Yuzawa Town
31st December
NASPA Ski Garden PM 0:00~

12th January
Kandatsu Kogen PM 9:00~

1st February
Iwappara PM 5:30~

8th February
GALA PM 5:30~

9th February
Yuzawa Park PM 8:00~

21st February
Naeba PM 8:45~

22nd February
Kagura(Mitsumata station)PM 8:30~

23rd February
Yuzawa Nakazato PM 8:15~

27th February
Naeba PM 8:45~

29th February
Nakazato Snow Wood PM 9:00~

6th March
Yuzawa Kogen PM 8:50~

14th March
Kagura(Tashiro station)PM 7:30~

21st March
Ipponsugi PM 8:00~

※We may have to change the plans due to the shifts in the weather and a snowfall.
Date 2019/12/31~3/21 
Location each ski area in Yuzawa Town
Telephone 025-785-5505 Yuzawa Town Tourist Association
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