Ichinomiya Shrine Nouguichi
2021/3/12  Minami Uonuma City
Ichinomiya shrine has been worshipped as the god of peasant and agriculture since Edo period. A vast number of people have traveled across the river and hills, despite the snowy road, all the way from various villages in Uonuma city to visit the shrine. In the form of barter exchange, people started to buy and sell whatever they took there with one another. This trade became even more popular after Meiji period, and now a big market is held there every year. The market starts from the entrance of Oozato district to the approach and the shrine grounds, crammed with numerous stores of bamboo work, straw work, wood work, food and drinks, and garden trees. Right after this market is over, the long winter ends and spring arrives quickly, therefore it is called the end of season market.
Date 2021/3/12 
Telephone 025-773-6665 
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