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Named Fortyeight-cascades, Sijuhattaki runs from Daigenta lake making a series of small cascaedes. You can see the stream below from the viewing place.
The suggested season is spring and autumn .
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Telephone 025-787-3536
Mail i n f o @ d a i g e n t a . n e t
URL h t t p : / / d a i g e n t a . n e t /
Suggest route containing Shijuhattaki
"Jump on the local bus at Yuzawa Station to Daigenta. Get off at Daigenta Taiken Koubou and try...
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Around Shijuhattaki
How go get to Shijuhattaki
Closest Bus Stop 500m from Asahihara (YD31) Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Lake Daigenta
Superb view of the lake with the reflection of the surrounding forest.
Daigenta Canyon Camping
Mecca for the Nature Walking in Yuzawa
Stand Up Paddling
Stand Up Paddling
Gold Echigoyuzawa Country Club
Golf course surrounded by Japanese cedars
Ceramic art studio "Asahi Gama"
Yuzawa Park Ski Resort
Wide range of courses that beginners and advanced skier can enjoy
Kosaka no Hyaku Kousintou
One hundred stone pagodass in the Kosaka area