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Misaka Pass
Tokamachi City Sakae Village
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The suggested season is summer and autumn .
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Misaka Pass Shinetsu Trail
Misaka Pass Shinetsu Trail
Located on the border of Niigata and Nagano and connected to the Sekida mountain range this mount...
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Matsunoyama Onsen Ryouunkaku
B&B Avg.Price 14,190 - 21,750
B&B Avg.Price 10,000 - 16,000
Echigo Matsunoyama Onsen Nomoto Ryokan
B&B Avg.Price 9,500 - 13,000
Hinanoyado Chitose
B&B Avg.Price 16,200 - 29,160
Ryokan Myojyo
B&B Avg.Price 8,000 - 13,000
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Around Misaka Pass
These facilities are close by
Nonomi Highland
The highlands offer quiet nesting grounds for birds.
Nonomi Pass
Mt. Amamizu
Echigotsumari Daigonji campsite
A symphony of birds in the green meadows.
Joukeiin Temple
To be admired as
Sakae Club Ski Resort
Wide open slopes with great views of the surrounding scenery.
Nakajo Hot Spring 'Tomato World'
Feast on local cuisine and soak in healing hot springs.