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Mt. Naka Arasawa Perpetual Snow
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The photo of Mt. Naka Arasawa Perpetual Snow
Perpetual snow and Alpine plants
The year-round snow makes it one of the top 100 hiking trails in Japan. With its moutain vegetation flourishing in the deepest chill of winter, this course is full of highlights. The seasonal alpine plants for both summer and autumn will begin to bloom in the fall. When the leaves begin to turn in early October, flowers still bloom on the mountain slopes, and you can enjoy the marvellous scenery as honey bees and butterflies flit about. A 40 minute hike will take you from the trailhead to the observation deck.
The suggested season is summer and autumn .
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Address Ginzandaira, Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-795-2448
Business Term Late May to Late Oct
Price "Facilities fee 210JPY"
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Other Requires an entrance fee because it's located inside the Ginzandaira camping ground.
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Around Mt. Naka Arasawa Perpetual Snow
How go get to Mt. Naka Arasawa Perpetual Snow
Take Joetsu Line from Echigoyuzawa Station, and get off at Urasa Station. Get on the Bus towards Okutadami.
Closest Bus Stop 0km from Ginzandaira Funatsukiba (UD14, UG18) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo 40 minutes from Koide IC on R352 and Okutadami Silver Line. A further 40 minutes up from the start point.
From Niigata 40 minutes from Koide IC on R352 and Okutadami Silver Line. A further 40 minutes up from the start point.
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