Daigenta Canyon Camping
Yuzawa Town
Mecca for the Nature Walking in Yuzawa
Daigenta Canyon is the name of the picturesque stretch of area that spreads out around Lake Daigenta. It is located at the northern foot of Mount Daigenta (elevation 1598m).
The surrounding area is fantastic for enjoying leisure activities such as camping and boating. It is also extremely popular as a nature walking site.
Address Tuchitaru, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma, Niigata prefecture (36.918007,138.889815)
Telephone 025-787-3536
Mail i n f o @ d a i g e n t a . n e t
URL h t t p : / / d a i g e n t a . n e t /
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Around Daigenta Canyon Camping
How go get to Daigenta Canyon Camping
Get on Daigenta Canyon Line buses from Echigo Yuzawa Station.
Closest Bus Stop
30m from Daigenta Canyon (YD32) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo15 minutes from Yuzawa IC
From Niigata15 minutes from Yuzawa IC
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Gold Echigoyuzawa Country Club
Golf course surrounded by Japanese cedars
Lake Daigenta
Superb view of the lake with the reflection of the surrounding forest.
Yuzawa Park Ski Resort
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Kosaka no Hyaku Kousintou
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Hot Spring ' Kunpu no Yu'
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Taikenkobo Daigenta (YD30) Bus Stop
Asahihara (YD31) Bus Stop
Takinomata iriguchi (YT14, YD18) Bus Stop
Kosaka (YD17, YT13) Bus Stop