Mt. Echigo komagatake
Uonuma City
One of Japan's 100 most famous moutains
Soaring 2,002.7m into the air, Mt. Echigokomagatake is one of the three peaks of Echigo, as well as one of Japan's 100 most famous moutains. Its bold face that changes with the seasons is a symbol of Uonuma and fascinates mountain climbers. An emergency shelter is located near the peak, and a caretaker will be present from time to time during the summer.
The suggested season is summer.
Telephone 025-792-9754
Business Term There are periods in winter when it is not open for mountain climing
Price Free of charge
Mail i n f o - k a n k o @ p u b . c i t y . u o n u m a . n i i g a t a . j p
URL h t t p : / / w w w . c i t y . u o n u m a . n i i g a t a . j p / k a n k o u /
Other Closing period varies each year
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Around Mt. Echigo komagatake
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