Noguchi White Arum Park
Tokamachi City
Skunk cabbage blooms waiting for the thaw
Every year in mid-April, once the winter snow has melted, it is possible to observe naturally growing mizubashou (skunk cabbage) blossoming; a rare site in low land areas. A mizubashou festival is held around the time when the blossoms are thought to be at their best.
The suggested season is spring.
Address 3762-3 Noguchi, Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-757-3345
Business Term Recommended in Apr to May
Price Free of charge
URL h t t p : / / w w w . t o k a m a c h i s h i k a n k o u . j p / n a t u r a l / p l a n t / n o g u c h i _ m i z u b a s h o /
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B&B Avg.Price 7,000-9,500
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Around Noguchi White Arum Park
How go get to Noguchi White Arum Park
30 minutes by bus from JR Tokamachi Station, and get off at Shirakura. About 15 minutes walk from there.
Closest Bus Stop
1km from Shirakura iriguchi (TK35) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo30 minutes from Muikamachi IC on R253
From Niigata20 minutes from Echigo-Kawaguchi IC on R117
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