7-Eleven Tokamachi-shimojima
Tokamachi City
Address 387-1 Tora, Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-757-0823
URL h t t p : / / w w w . s e j . c o . j p /
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Around 7-Eleven Tokamachi-shimojima
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Tokamachi City Museum TOPPAKU
Great number of different collections recount the deep history of Tokamachi.
Tokamachi Public Library Multimedia Center
Spacious, comfortable library with a large collection of books.
Sogotaikukan (TS02) Bus Stop
AEON Tokamachi shopping mall
Miyuki Rental Car
Jouhoukan iriguchi (TN07) Bus Stop
Tokamachi shako mae Bus Stop
Toyota Rental Car Niigata-Muikamachi Branch
Tokamachi shako mae (TH01, etc.) Bus Stop
7-Eleven Tokamachi-nishi