Echigourasa Hot Spring ' Magosuke no yu' (Foot Bath)
Minami Uonuma City
Hotel Tejimaya made this foot bath in 2005
In 2005, a new hot spring was successfully dug out and a covered outdoor footbath was opened. It is big enough to seat seven or eight people, and the free flowing hot water that pours forth is a light yellow.
Address 218-1 Urasa, Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-777-2214
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Hotel Sakadojo
B&B Avg.Price 12,960-18,360
B&B Avg.Price 22,000-45,000
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Around Echigourasa Hot Spring ' Magosuke no yu' (Foot Bath)
How go get to Echigourasa Hot Spring ' Magosuke no yu' (Foot Bath)
Get on Joetsu Line or Hoku-Hoku Line from Echigo-Yuzawa Station, and get off at Muikamachi Station. Change to 小出羽根川 Line buses and get off at Urasa Ski Resort. About 1 minute walk from there.
Closest Bus Stop
200~600M from Urasa Ski Resort (MK25) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo10 minutes from Yamato ETC only IC
From Niigata10 minutes from Yamato ETC only IC
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Urasa Hot Spring
Hot spring area surrounded by the three peaks of the Echigo region
Urasa Castle Ruins
Remains of the castle that monitored the trade road and Uonogawa river
Fukoji Temple , Urasa Bishamondo
A place to pray for the peace and security of a nation, founded Sakanoue no Tamuramaro 
Urasatamachi (MK26) Bus Stop
LAWSON Minamiuonuma urasa
Yamato Post Office  
JR Urasa Station
JA Minami‐UonumaUonuma Urasa Branch
Bishamondo mae (MK29) Bus Stop
Hokuetsu Bank Yamato Branch