Uonuma Sky Line
Minami Uonuma City Tokamachi City
Telephone 025-757-3345
URL h t t p : / / w w w . t o k a m a c h i s h i k a n k o u . j p /
These hotels are close by
Satoyama Jujo
B&B Avg.Price 26,800-34,500
B&B Avg.Price 8,500-12,000
B&B Avg.Price 22,000-45,000
Ishiuchi Yungparunas
B&B Avg.Price 10,000-17,500
Hotel Sakadojo
B&B Avg.Price 12,960-18,360
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Around Uonuma Sky Line
These facilities are close by
Tochikubo Hot Spring
You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain range of Uonuma.
Joetsu Kokusai Play Land
One of the top class water adventure parks
Kabansawa Hot Spring
Playland in summer, Ski Resort in winter with a spa in the hotel
Osawayama Hot Spring
A quiet hot spring surrounded by mountains
Kabanosawa Castle Ruins
Branch point of the three old trade roads
Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort
Top class Ski Resort that can be fully enjoyed by kids and adults alike
Ryutakuji Temple
The temple has relation with Uesugi-Kagekatsu
Chateau Shiozawa Ski Resort
Ski resort perfect for children or beginner skiers
JR Joetsukokusai Ski Resort Station
JR Osawa Station