Hainomata (UG12) Bus Stop
Uonuma City
These hotels are close by
B&B Avg.Price 9,100-16,900
Yumotosyouya Izumiyaryokan
B&B Avg.Price 9,870-13,110
Tomoya Hotel
B&B Avg.Price 12,000-22,000
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Around Hainomata (UG12) Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Mt .Echigo komagatake Hiking ' Komanoyu' Trailhead
Tochiomata Hot Spring
Slowly cure in the secret hot spring.
Komanoyu Hot Spring
Secret hot spring inn of lamps
Oyu Hot Spring Ski Resort
Ski resort located very close to Onsen town
Oyu Hot Spring
The spring source was founded 1,300 years ago
Yunotani Koryu Center Yupio
Yunotanni Folk Museum
A culture unchanged since olden times
Tochiomata Onsen (UT27) Bus Stop
Oyu Police Box
Ooyu Hot Spring (UT09, UG11) Bus Stop