Nonomi Highland
Sakae Village
The highlands offer quiet nesting grounds for birds.
The plateau is located 1020m above sea level. There is a beech forest and also a large camping ground on the 2km long lakeside. Great views for the spring and autumn colors.
The suggested season is summer and autumn.
Address Sakae village in the Kitashinsyu-Nakayama ridge national forest, Shimominochi district, Nagano prefecture
Telephone 0269-87-3333
Mail i n f o @ s a k a e - a k i y a m a g o . c o m
URL h t t p : / / s a k a e - a k i y a m a g o . c o m /
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Around Nonomi Highland
How go get to Nonomi Highland
70 minutes by bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station(YS02), and get off at Morimiyanohara Station(YS41). about 30 minutes by taxi from Morimiyanohara Station.
Car Access
From TokyoTake route 353 → 117 after exiting the Shiozawa/Ishiuhci IC and it takes 80 minutes.
From NiigataTake route 117 after exiting Echigo-Kawaguchi IC and it takes 95 minutes.
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Misaka Pass
Nonomi Pass
Mt. Amamizu
Joukeiin Temple
To be admired as
Daigonji Highland
A symphony of birds in the green meadows.
Hirataki Post Office
JR Hirataki Station
Muzuuchi Police Station
JA-Kitashinshu Miyuki Town Office Branch