Tsunan Museum of History and Folklore
Tsunan Town
Flame type earthenware artifacts and old item from Akiyamago Village
Important culture artifacts that were used in everyday life in Akiyamago village that have been gathered together and preserved. You can see rare traditional thatched roof house.
Address Otsu827 Funayama, Tsunan, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-765-2882Tsunan Museum of History and Folklore
Business Time 9:00~17:00
Business Term Mar to Dec
Price Adult:210JPY Student:100JPY
URL h t t p : / / t s u n a n . i n f o / p a g e _ m i r u - t o r u / d e t a i l s . p h p ? m a i n = 1 & s u b = 0 & n o = 1 2 8 8 4 1 8 9 7 3
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Around Tsunan Museum of History and Folklore
How go get to Tsunan Museum of History and Folklore
Get off at JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station, get off the 'Tsunan public office(YS28)' in 44 minutes by bus from 'Yuzawa Station(YS02)'. In the transfer, get off the 'Funayama-Chuou(NA16)' 7 minutes from 'Tsunan public office(NA09)'. A 2 minute walk from there.
Closest Bus Stop
150m from Funayana Chuou Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo50 minutes from Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC on R353, R117 & R405
From Niigata70 minutes from Echigo Kawaguchi IC on R117 & R405
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Tsunan Sunflower Field
Summer season tradition that brings smiles and happiness
Akinari Post office
Akinari Police box
Gennaiyama (TT85) Bus Stop
Japan Agricultural Cooperratives Tsunan
Tsunan branch office of Shiozawa Shinkumi Bank
Tsunan Town Hall
Tsunan Tourist Association
Tsunan branch office of Hokuetu Bank
Tsunan yakuza mae (NS06, NN08, etc.) Bus Stop