Oana Ski Resort
Minakami Town
Recommended for family skiers
A popular site to bring the kids, complete with a sledding hill for children. The ski slopes boast an array of courses from beginner to advanced.
The suggested season is winter.
Address 277 Oana, Minakami-machi, Tone district, Gunma prefecture
Telephone 0278-72-2354
Mail i n f o @ a l p i n e p h o t o . j p
URL h t t p : / / w w w . a l p i n e p h o t o . j p / o o a n a /
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Around Oana Ski Resort
How go get to Oana Ski Resort
Get on buses from Jomokogen Station to the closest bus stop about 30 minutes away
Closest Bus Stop
0.5km from Ooanahendensho mae (JT31) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo10 minutes from Minakami IC on R291
From Niigata10 minutes from Minakami IC on R291
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Minakami Stone Age Archaeological site
National Historic Dwelling from the late Jomon Period
Unose Hot Spring
A hot spring with a beautiful overview of the valley
Yubiso Hot Spring
Historical onsen that legend has it was discovered by a surviving soldier in the Kamakura period
JR Yubiso Station
Unose (JT28) Bus Stop
Yubiso Hot Spring gai (JT34, JT41) Bus Stop
Ooanachouei juutaku iriguchi (JT31) Bus Stop
Yubiso Post Office
Tanigawadake Ropeway
Yubiso Hot Spring (JT35, JT40) Bus Stop