Tokamachi City Hall mae (TT30, TS05) Bus Stop
Tokamachi City
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Satoyama Jujo
B&B Avg.Price 26,800-34,500
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Around Tokamachi City Hall mae (TT30, TS05) Bus Stop
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Otoginokuni Doll Museum
Full of adorable dolls made from papier-mache based on fairy tale characters.
Tokamachi Stone Sculpture Promenade (Pleasure Walk)
Please find your favorite stone carving
7-Eleven Tokamachi-senju nichome
Tokamachi Medicul Center
Tokamachi Porice Station
Koukou iriguchi (TJ07, TT31, TC50) Bus Stop
7-Eleven Tokamachi-takada
Tokamachi -Takada Post Office
Tokamachi Station
Tokamachi Station mae (TH07, etc.) Bus Stop