Kamiyakushido (MH16) Bus Stop
Minami Uonuma City
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B&B Avg.Price 17,500-31,500
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Around Kamiyakushido (MH16) Bus Stop
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Tomioka White Museum
Works from the painter Tomioka Soichiro who specializes in the world of black and white
Hakkai Shrine
Has been worshiped by people as a sacred mountain of faith
Katakuri Flower Fields (Mt. Rokumanki)
Dog's tooth violet spread across the surface of the mountain
JA Minami‐Uonuma- Jounai Branch
Jounai Post Office 
Minami-Uonuma Police Station, Kamihara Police Box
Uonuma no sato
Nakatehara (MH21) Bus Stop
7-Eleven Muikamachi Izumi